Ad Creation - Banner CPC - Step 2 for Campaign Set up

In step 1 = Chose Campaign Type - Step 1 for Campaign Set up

If you choose CPC with Graphical Only Banners or text and graphic Banner..

You can upload your banners, and have all the standard Banner Adunit and sizes available to choose from.
upload banner
UPLOAD Banners - All standard sizes
upload 3rd party tags
upload 3rd party tags - All standard sizes 
    ·         Leaderboard (728x90)
    ·         Full Banner (468x60)
    ·         Skyscraper (120x600)
    ·         Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
    ·         Medium Rectangle (300x250)
    ·         Vertical Banner (120x240)
    ·         Small Rectangle (180x150)
    ·         Button (125x125)
    ·         Square Box (250x250) 
    ·         Large Rectangle (336x280)
    ·         Small Rectangle (180x150)
    ·         Mobile X-Large Banner (300x50)
    ·        Mobile Large Banner (216x36)
    ·         Mobile Medium Banner (168x28)
    ·      Mobile Small Banner (120x20)
    ·      Billboard Banner (970x250)
    ·      Half Page Banner (300x600)
    ·      Half Box (195x285)
    ·      News Banner (390x95)
    ·      Mobile Standard Banner (320x50)

Once you finish upload we move to next step of Country selection.