Chose Campaign Type - Step 1 for Campaign Set up

Step 1 for Campaign Set up

Now we go ahead with Campaign Selection:-
  • Campaign Name -- Choose Name of the campaign to be set up.
  • Campaign Type -- Choose CPV (for Popunder), CPM (for Banner), CPC (for Banner / text cpc ads) and CPI (for Interstitial ads).
  • Min Bids -- You can see lowest recommended bids, and can input your own higher bids if you wish to get access to most of the inventory.
  • Network Traffic -- For best results, choose ALL Networks.

Campaign selection CPC banner and text
CPC Campaign - Choose from CPC Banner / CPC Text Ads

CPM Banner advertising
CPM Banner Ads

Popunder Traffic - CPV ads
CPV Advertising - Popunder Traffic

Interstitial ads
Cost per Impression - Interstitial ads

After choosing your options here you move on to the next next of Campaign Set up which is Ad creation.