ROI Tracking

What is ROI Tracking, what purpose does it serve and where can you find it?

ROI tracking is a feature that lets you track the activity of the users on the campaigns.  It enables you to track the best converting traffic for your client's campaigns; allowing you to understand the navigational behavior of the visitors. This feature can also help you identify high performing campaigns which can be further optimized to boost up the performance to maximize the returns. The more you understand the performance of the campaigns, the better you can make them perform, and then can result in more client satisfaction.

How Can You Use It?

1) Use four different pixels in just one campaign to track the campaigns at each step to funnel the tracking system as per your client's preferences.  Some examples include Leads, Sign-ups, Sales, etc.
2) Set up the worth of each conversion to get a much better idea of the actual returns on investment
3) Choose from three different pixel types, entirely depending upon your client's tracking requirements.
4) Test the conversion to verify that it has been correctly set up.