How can we acquire Facebook Traffic for Dating Clients

Dating Advertiser: We are banned on Facebook to show up soft core dating ads, How can we alternately target Facebook audience?

Support Admin: We allow you option to target Facebook audience via Desktop Toolbar / adware sources, which identifies the facebook keyword loads in URL and serves ads.

Dating Advertiser: What is this technique called?

Support Admin: This is often known as URL Targeting, and is very common with toolbar / adware softwares generating traffic.

Dating Advertiser: How does this adware works?

Support Admin: These are free softwares / toolbars which are installed on user machines against allowing installing user access to free tools or services, against which users optin to receive popup and popunder ads.

Dating Advertiser: Are they considered spam?

Support Admin: they are not counted in spam as user can optout of them anytime.

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