Fathers Day Promotion - 21st June 2015

Father's Day is right around the corner. Are you ready to promote Father's Day campaign for your business?

MTR you 5 tips for your Father's Day campaign success.

1. Make a list of your dad-friendly products or services and find out the best combination for campaign.
2. Create the Father's Day theme that fits well with your business for your campaign creatives.
3. Know you target well—kids & mothers. Make your campaign attractive to families as a whole.
4. Grab the opportunity to collect your customers' info (name, email, address etc.) through Father's Day campaign for future promotion.
5. Get Father's Day special traffic package for your online campaigns here:
 120,000 CPV traffic from US/CA/UK for ONLY $100

You are welcomed to email us with any questions. Our account managers will happy to assist you.