5 essential tips to have a successful campaign

1. Match your keywords and targets
This one is essential because if you fail to do it, you will end up with little to no volume of traffic. Instead of target longer keyword phrases for CPV campaigns, we advise you to keep it at a maximum of three words to achieve the best volume.

2. Track data in real time
Tracking your campaign data in real time is the key to campaign success. It will let you have a better understanding of campaigns such like the most profitable keywords or targets, best converting creatives and much more.

3. Testing is critical
Testing and optimizing your bids should be started immediately after you launch your campaign. It is critical for you to have a successful campaign and satisfied ROI. Besides, you can also test the best days of a week or even best hours of a day when visitors are most likely to convert.

4. Build the landing pages that convert
Sometimes landing pages without a clear call to action may end in campaign failure. It should be clear, tempting and without any other request to distract visitors. It is always good to have several different versions (design & content) to test for the best performing ones.

5. Optimizing for the win
As we mentioned above, you should always track your data in real time. At the meanwhile, you should cut those keywords, targets and sites that aren't profitable and scale up the well performed ones. This process should be continued effort until you achieve the satisfied campaign performance