Why Work with us ?

Traffic Targeting Options

Target your traffic with enhanced and latest targeting options:-

  • Contextual Targeting - Target campaigns based on content and Keywords, this enhances your traffic quality and campaign performance.
  • Channel / Category Targeting - Target campaigns based on Traffic channels and categories, this ensures you reach more focused and selected audience.
  • Source id Tracking - Track source ID's for the traffic you receiving and block bad performing publishers.
  • Re-targeting - Behavior Targeting to allow you reach interested audience who have visited your website in past.
  • ISP Targeting - Target specific internet service provider or carrier.
  • Geo Targeting - Target countries, cities and Zip codes.
  • Language Targeting - Language Targeting is also available if you looking to run local langauge ads.
  • OS / Device targeting - Target Operating system or Device for serving your ads. Desktop and All mobile device OS targeting options available.
  • Frequency capping - 1/24 freq capping available
  • Block unwanted ips - Block Ips you don't want your ads to be served.

User-friendly Campaign Management

  • Buy and manage multiple campaigns on a single interface
  • Multiple dynamic partnerships in an open, transparent environment
  • Improve efficiency with a user-friendly interface
  • Strategically place your ads and attract qualified visitors through contextual targeting technology
  • Re-target your visitors that leave your website with our behavioral targeting feature
  • Geographically target your audience by country, city, or time zone
  • Target specific URLs, search terms, channels, and other advanced advertising options

ROI is Your 1st Priority

  • Auto-optimize your traffic
  • Reach targeted audience
  • Optimize your bids based on performing sources
  • Spending goes where your ROI is maximized in real-time

Campaign Optimization

 MediaTrafficReports.com offers 9 different targeting features for Advertisers to optimize their campaign. Get best results in quick time!

Maximize the Right Price

Between the high volume of inventory on the Media Traffic Reports Network (3 billion impressions monthly) and the ability to bid for every impression relative to its value, campaigns access more inventory, and always at the right price.