What are interstitial ads?

Interstitial ads are layer floating ads on websites, which appear as a floating popup in form of full page ad or banner ads.

When you visit a website you might have come across another web page that may open before or after you visit it. These are called as interstitial ads. Sometime the page that opens up simply asks for the user’s age and most of the other time, it displays ad and flashes before the user before he views the main page that he visits. The visitors do find it bothersome but then the advertisers do manage to get more traffic through the interstitial ads. If you want to promote your online business and reach out to people then you can buy interstitial ads. These ads are published on different networks and are served through ad server.

When a user visits a page that is in your advertised network then the ad server displays the ad to the user and promotes your website through it. The user may click on the ad knowingly or unconsciously which takes them to the advertised website and brings you more traffic. The traffic that you receive through interstitial ads is called as interstitial traffic. To buy this traffic package you can contact us. We sell customised traffic solution which includes interstitial traffic and other traffic packages as well.