What is Banner Traffic?

When you use banner ads for promoting your website then the traffic that you receive through those ads is called as banner traffic. Traffic here refers to the number of hits a website gets and this represents the number of people who visit it and the popularity of the website. Banner ads are quite popular with the website owners and they use it to bring in more people. The reason behind the popularity is that these banner ads are a part of display ads and they are visible to the internet users easily.

 Banner ads online are almost like the real banners that we see atop shops and at various places. In this online advertising the banner ad is spread across the top section of another website covering the width of the page. It is visible to whoever visits the website and catches their attention. Some of these ads are vertical also and displayed on the left or the right side of the page. You can also use video ads, animated ads and more such banner ads that can make it more appealing. Such ads have a higher click through rate and would be able to bring in more traffic to the website. To buy banner traffic you can contact us. We sell customised traffic solutions that have a good success rate.