What is Contextual Traffic?

Contextual refers to Content targeting, Contextual ads can be targeted based on URL content or website content, where ads are served when Keyword matches URL content or when Keyword matches Website Content.

Contextual traffic is also referred to as targeted traffic or the target consumers who visit your website. When a website owner needs to promote his online business then the best way to do so is by buying contextual traffic. If you wish to get better quality traffic at your website and reach out to the target consumer then the contextual traffic package is the best. They are sometimes keyword related. For instance, when a user is looking for casino site and your website is related to gambling then you can use this and promote your website through it. Under this your website is also advertised to the user so that he can learn about it. Since it is contextual, he has a good chance of clicking at the link and this takes him to the advertised site and helps you to receive contextual traffic. You have a better chance of converting this traffic into consumer.

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