What is Cost per click?

Cost per click is cost an advertiser pays for his advertising. eCPC is also another similar term used in advertising aspect where advertiser evaluate their advertising budget based on the effective end cost per click costing, no matter on what matrix they advertise. So, one can say cost per click is the cost which a advertiser pays or willing to pay per click or interested visitor who is visiting website after clicking the banner ads, quality of traffic is usually better since they see ads and click on them and come on the advertiser / client with intent to shop or surf.

Website owners need to promote their business to reach out to the target consumer. They use advertising for this and there are various model of payment that they use to pay to the sites that promote their ad. Cost per click is one of the popular models that are used by the advertisers for promoting their website. When you advertise your website then your ad is published on another website. The viewer who visits the website may view the ad and click on the link. So every time a user clicks on that ad, the advertiser pays an amount to the publisher. This is called cost per click.

 It is considered to be very efficient way of advertising and helps you to get quality traffic. People who are interested in your products are the one who are likely to click on the link and this helps you to get quality traffic at your website. So when you use the cost per click model then you get better quality traffic and can look forward to a better click through rate. To use cost per click advertising and to bring in more traffic at your website you can contact us. We sell traffic solutions to various website and can help you to get a better traffic for promoting your online business.