What is CPI - Cost per impression?

Cost per impression or CPI is a payment model that is used in online advertising.  Cost per impression refers to the amount of money that the advertiser pays every time his website ad is displayed. Buying traffic is important for any website as that helps in promoting it and helps the advertiser to reach out to the target consumer. There are various traffic packages that are available to the buyers and can be used for web promotion. When you buy traffic package or plan to advertise your website then you need to choose a payment model also. Cost per impression is one such payment model that is preferred by most of the advertisers.

When you buy CPI model of advertising then it helps you to get good traffic and is easy on your pocket as well.  Buying traffic is essential if you want to reach out to more people. It promotes your website better and you are able to convert the traffic into consumers. To buy the right package with a low CPI rate you can contact us. Well help you to buy the right traffic solution that can promote your website better and help you to do a better business.

CPI is term mostly used for evaluating Interstitial Popup or floating Banner ads.