What is CTR - click through ratio? CTR Formula

CTR - define as click through ratio has more to do with the banner ads performance to generate clicks and attract user attention, a high CTR is often expected when banner ads generate high number of clicks and attract visitors, this basically has to do with the quality of Banner ads development, ad placement units, ad sizes used, freq capping of adserving, Banner KB sizes (Smaller the banner size, faster the banner ads will loads resulting in less discrepancy across ad servers) etc. CTR = % of click generated, which is click generated every 100 banner views. So, if banner ad is show to visitor 500 times and 1 click is generated, effective CTR would be = 1*100/500 = 0.20%

When you buy traffic or use advertising for promoting your website alone isn’t enough. You need to see if the ad campaign has been effective and click through ratio helps you to identify that. Click through ratio is the number of clicks that you get on your ad. When you get higher clicks on the ads then it means you are receiving more traffic at your website and makes the ad campaign successful. Thus a higher click through rate means more traffic at your website and this means more profit and sales for your online business.

For a higher click through rate you need to buy a better traffic package which can help you to get more business. You can buy the right traffic solutions us. It is better if you buy contextual traffic or targeted traffic as that can help you to get more clicks because here you are directing your advertisement at the target consumers. People have a higher chance of visiting the websites that are related to their interest. This then helps you to enjoy a good click through rate and make the ad campaign efficient. Contact us to buy customised traffic solutions that provide higher CTR. 

CTR formula: Clicks x 100 / Total Banner Impressions served