What is Parked Domain Traffic?

When you buy or create a website then you first buy the domain name which may show the message ‘ Site under construction’ to the visitors. These are called as parked domains. Even if you are making changes to the website or are looking for host servers, it is not functioning and is thus parked. You continue to receive traffic during this period and you can benefit by selling this traffic to other websites. In this you can promote other website through ads so when a visitor visits your website then he may click on the link given in the ad and it takes him to the advertiser’s website. The advertiser thus receives parked domain traffic. The publisher can use it for earning revenues while the advertisers used parked domain traffic to promote their website better.

 If you wish to get more visitors at your online business then you can also buy parked domain traffic for your website. Buying relevant traffic will help you to get better results as you get to reach out to your consumers. For instances, an adult website gets better traffic when it promotes itself through another adult parked domain. To buy such traffic or to promote your online business you can contact us and we can sell you the best possible traffic package that is suitable for your business.