What is Popunder Traffic?

Popunder Traffic - Full Web page / Banner ads loading below current browsing window. Popunder ads load below current browsing window and hence they are less annoying for the using surfing, their less annoying behavior is another reason for their popularity amount Advertisers. Traffic here means the visitors at the site Popunder traffic packages are very popular with the online business because it makes it easy for the website to gain more popularity. If you want more visitors at your website then you can also buy popunder traffic packages. In the easiest terms, popunder traffic is the traffic that is directed to your website via popunder ads. Traffic here means the visitors at the site. When you get more visitors then you can convert more of them into regular clients. The popunder ads have a very good conversion rate and this is why most people prefer to buy popunder traffic packages.

When you have a website then you have to promote it so that the target consumers can learn about it. The popunder ads are noticed easily as they are display ad and almost scream for attention. What makes them popular is that they open in a new window beneath the main page. When the user tries to shut the open windows then the ad is visible to him and catches his fancy. He might click on it and this takes him to the advertised website and this way you are able to bring in popunder traffic and promote your online business better.